Wedding Film Photography

In the era of advanced digital photography one could ask: why still bother with analogue film during wedding photoshoots? My answer to that question would always be the same: because the effects of digital camera are nothing like the classic analogue photography.

To me, analogue photography is almost a synonym of fine art in general. It’s because to make an analogue photograph depict what I want, I need to create the vision from your story, harmonise the composition with light and then capture the perfect frame.

The process of photo shooting with an analogue camera is not that easy – but the rewards are priceless. This specifically applies to wedding photography, where the emotions of love, affection and happiness can be captured in a perfect picture that will be resistant to the passage of time, like the pictures of the couple in Puglia that you are looking at right now.

Analogue photography requires optimal lighting conditions, so it’s impossible to photograph the whole wedding like this. However, if there are possibilities to take a few shots in this technique, I will definitely add it to the standard digital package!



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