Analog photography: the art of Wedding Photographer


An analog wedding photography still has all its charm. It is romantic, creative, unique and perfect. For my work as a wedding photoreporter, I find it ideal to unleash all my art.

When you shoot with a film camera you have to be able to create a story, follow a narrative trail. It’s not just about taking a picture. You have to be well focused on the moment, you have to seize the right moment because there is no possibility of modification in post-production.

Every shot has to be built in your mind, you have to imagine it before you press the camera button. Analog wedding photography is synonymous with art.

With a photographic film I can paint what I want, recreate a vision of what I see through the lens, harmonizing the composition of light and capturing the perfect moment.

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For each photo on film there is almost a rituality to follow: the detailed study of the light, the choice of the shot, the right moment to capture: the result is a timeless image. There is no editing, or Photoshop that holds. It’s all in the art of the wedding photoreporter.


This is real photography, the one that many years ago taught me to look at the world through a lens, to slow down the passage of time in such a frenetic world, and to take time to reflect, concentrate and find myself through art.

Since then I am faithful to the ancient tradition of silver salts and darkroom to give life and shape to my photographic films.

It is indescribable the sensation I feel when I see an image materialize on paper, when I can see, touch, caress and admire it in all the art it contains.

The photo album of a wedding made with this technique is romantic, authentic and enchanting. It has that slightly vintage taste, of those old diaries that when you leaf through them are an explosion of emotions and memories to keep always in your heart.

It is a passion that I like to share in order to always find new ideas and new visions. A few weeks ago I was in the Marche region as a guest of my friend Francesca, who organized a beautiful photography workshop to recover and rediscover the value of the Slow Society.

In this interesting course we tasted life at a slower pace, and found new forms of narrative and photographic language.

You can read and watch the workshop photogallery at this link!