Wedding in Abruzzo

Stock up on oxygen, because this story will take you to high altitude emotions. Precisely at an height of 1400 metres, on top of the Gran Sasso in the heart of Abruzzo. “Hi Greta and Michele: i’m your wedding photographer here in Abruzzo : a tale of romance, adventure and beauty”.

It is an authentic love story that has been sculpted inside me, both because it speaks the language of my dear land and because from this union a family was born. In fact, a short time ago Greta and Michele became “mom and dad”.

“Best wishes guys, I’m a father too, and I assure you there’s no greater joy.”

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Returning to this wedding in Abruzzo, I would like to start with a passion in common between the couple: the mountains. The fil rouge of this story is nature in all its beauty. One step away from the dream. “Sky dream love”, between the clouds and the sky.

In a land rich in history and legend, where every moment is lived intensely away from the hustle and bustle of modernity. Because if you think about it Abruzzo is full of time. It is a place that slowly strips itself of its past, which holds a centuries-old history carved in the hard rocks of the Gran Sasso.

The medieval village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio

The wedding location chosen by Greta and Michele was Santo Stefano di Sessanio – Castello di Rocca Calascio. For that day I should not have been just a wedding photographer, but become almost a trekker between paths and steep climbs.

I prepared myself for the task with a long breath. The air was fresh and relaxing on St. Stephen’s Hill. A medieval village really unique in Italy; the houses and streets seemed not to have been scratched by the passage of centuries. The white limestone dominated the scenery.

Among stairs, narrow streets and pavements, we arrived in the ancient Church of S. Maria in Ruvo (XIII century) for the first wedding photos. In that place the wedding ceremony would take place.

The climb to Rocca Calascio

After a few shots, Greta approached me to remind me that our climbing was still at the beginning: “A few shots on the summit would be great”. I was ready (or maybe not!?) to start this long walk and to capture in my wedding photoreportage these two romantic and adventurous souls in the heart of the mountain.

The climb was hard, but – you know – the higher you climb, the more fantastic the view. I was literally breathless (and not just because of the climb). The scenery was amazing. The fortress of Rocca Calascio (1461 meters above sea level) dominated the entire skyline. An ancient guardian made of stone set on the top.

One step away from infinity, I felt like I was in heaven. Greta and Michele were hand in hand, ready to say yes in the clouds. A scene from a fantasy film. The clouds covered their eyes, the wind was the only voice.

I’ve hardly seen anything so evocative: here are some shots of this wedding photoreportage.