Wedding in Tuscany from Brazil : La Pescaia

Wedding in Tuscany, “La Pescaia”

I tell you clearly: weddings in Tuscany are the ones that inspire me the most in my work as a photographer. If I ever had to compare myself to a region in Italy, I would feel Tuscany: not for beauty – it’s obvious – but for that artistic soul that you can see through its streets, for the conviviality it expresses, for its being cheerful with a melancholy note. Whether it’s a wedding in Florence , a wedding in Siena or a wedding in Grosseto, the result is always the same: art, art, art. You breathe it in the air, among the streets, in the countryside. It is always there, ready to show you its beauty.

That day in August Grosseto was not alone in expressing such beauty. Martina, the bride of that Tuscan wedding , seemed perfectly at ease in that evocative setting. Despite its name, Martina is Brazilian. She is an artist and a lover of photography: choosing Tuscany as a destination wedding was a consequence of her vocation. I empathized with her very quickly, even though it was just the second time we met. The common passion for photography made everything very simple.

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Similarly, it was easy to make friends with Bruno, her future husband. Bruno is a fun and carefree guy and above all very much in love: “ride to live, live to Martina”, printed in the mind, embroidered inside the collar of his wedding jacket.

For a wedding photo reporter , works with a couple so spontaneous and nice is a fortune. It facilitates work and makes it alive, gives color and vitality; like the procession on the classic Vespa, a swarm of colorful trumpeting bikes among the hills and countryside of the Maremma Toscana. Or like the Brasilian party, in the spectacular wedding location of La Pescaia , made even more incredible by the setting and banqueting by Guidi Lenci, the top in Tuscany.

Take a look at the photo gallery and imagine how is lucky a wedding photographer in Tuscany.

Ps. Soon, I will also post the wedding video trailer, made by my great friend and colleague Fabio Stanzione , one of the best wedding videographer in Italy.



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