“Ciao Andrea, siamo George e Anita. Vuoi essere il fotografo del nostro wedding in Tuscany?”.

George introduced himself this way, a few months ago, when for the first time we spoke on the phone after exchanging a few emails. Before that, we had not written a single word in Italian, but his good pronunciation of those few words had deceived me quite easily: I should not have spoken English on the phone.
In my opinion there is nothing more complicated than talking to a native American speaker on the phone: there will always be pieces of conversation that you will understand. My illusion of speaking in Italian lasted only a few seconds, until the moment he answered my question. “Ciao George, come va?” – “Ok Andrea, I’m fine! it’s been to stressful week but now it’s good, etc. etc. ” Oooohhh!

Despite all, the phone call was very long. It was the first time I talked so much on the phone – in English – but George immediately seemed to be used to my slang. My impression was confirmed a few weeks later when we met for his “wedding in Tuscany”. He was nice; his bride, Anita, was wonderful.
They had chosen Tuscany to promise themselves eternal love after a journey, a few years ago. They were both struck by the undisputed beauty of Florence. It was just below the dome of Santa Maria Novella that George asked his Anita’s hand.

Divine Terrace of the Grand Hotel Cavour was the location of their wedding in Tuscany, a stone’s throw from the historic center and in the shadow of Brunelleschi’s Dome. The panorama of the Divine Terrace is one of the best things I have ever seen: it is a large terrace which is accessed from a large 13th century hall that overlooks the great center of Renaissance Florence, with a paradisiacal view. It is the roof of Florence, surrounded by Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria and the entire city. It’s the most fascinating view you can imagine of the city, an emotion that makes you dizzy.

Florence, then, is an open-air work of art, expression of an authentic, beauty. It is the cradle of Italian art. George and Anita wanted to fill their day of this beauty, with a wedding photo shoot between Ponte Vecchio and the Lungarno’s shop, the statues of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo’s David, the works of art of the Uffizi and many masterpieces of the Renaissance art and architecture. And I dreamed with them.


Wedding in Florence