“Fresca era l’aria di giugno, e la notte sentiva l’estate arrivar, Tequila, Mariachi e Sangria, la fiesta invitava a bere e a ballar […]”.

Vinicio Capossela’s music had accompanied my umpteenth trip for a wedding in Puglia. That song reminds me of Puglia better than other: the rhythm, the party, the love seem to perfectly evoke some frames of the numerous Apulian marriages I attended.

Even then I returned to Puglia for a wedding.

Valeria and Mauro were impressed by the natural scenery that Trani and the surrounding lands could offer. I had been surprised years before. I can say (without fear of being denied) that every time in Puglia it is as if it were the first. Historic centers, cathedrals, landscapes always have a different beauty. And then there’s a lot of nice, curious, welcoming people. Often, in the summer afternoons, there is always someone sitting in the street, on the edge of the door of the house, enjoying the coolness and chatting with the neighbors, wishing a good morning to anyone passing by.

The imposing cathedral in the historic center evokes all the magic of the city: an absolutely enchanting spectacle, a splendid example of Apulian Romanesque surrounded by the sea on one side, and Svevo Castle on the other.

Valeria’s happiness was written in her smile as was Mauro’s. The location of the wedding party in Puglia was a few kilometers away, in the beautiful Bisceglie, Villa Ciardi.

Villa Ciardi is one of the most beautiful historic houses in Puglia, a noble residence immersed in a flowery garden with centuries-old trees, cedars of Lebanon, palm trees and lakes with water and light effects, centuries-old woods and natural caves.

The party, as usual, lasted until late at night between food, music and lots of fun.