Destination Wedding in Positano

I rarely woke up so quite, turning the spoon in the coffee, despite I was a few minutes late as a  wedding photographer in Amalfi coast. It’s not every day that you can drink your coffee in the morning on a terrace in Positano overlooking the sea, with a blues song background by Pino Daniele. I didn’t understand where that music came from but it could make me feel light; it seemed to make me fly in all that blue.


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“Hi guys, how are you?” – just arrived, Laura greeted us on a terrace, not far from that of our hotel, like all the others overlooking the sea. Laura and William are a Californian couple in love with these places. Their dream was always that of getting married on the Amalfi coast. And here i am: your wedding photographer in Positano. Only one big doubt had tormented the final decision to get married in Positano: which location should you choose?

As an Amalfi coast wedding photographer you have to be ready to give up something. If you choose to get married in Amalfi, for example, you know you will have to give up Positano, the beautiful Ravello or the magic Sorrento. The good thing – and Laura knew it well – is that there are no margins of error: getting married on the Amalfi coast means making the right choice anyway.



Colorful houses overlooking the sea, a breathtaking panorama that takes your breath away: in the distance moored boats, small white dots that interrupted a completely blue expanse. What a fantastic vision, what a show! That day the civil ceremony took place on an outdoor terrace, the speeches of relatives and guests followed one another quickly before the party. The wedding location that hosted us was the renowned Hotel Marincanto, a place of artistic inspiration without equal, not by chance chosen by directors and screenwriters as a film set in different films. Being a wedding photographer in the Amalfi Coast, on these occasions, brings you into harmony with yourself and empathizes with those around you. How could I not love this job ?!



In this wedding in Positano everything was perfect. I have rarely seen so much detail and organization as on that occasion. I am hardly inclined to leave feedback or comments on colleagues or collaborators, but in this case I would like to make an exception: working with La Calla wedding planner was really surprising. And it is no coincidence that his staff has been organizing weddings on the Amalfi coast since 20 years ago, before the boom of web, social networks and perhaps the profession of wedding planner itself.

See what a show came out of it!


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Positano elopement
Positano elopement
Positano elopement
Positano elopement
wedding in positano
Positano elopement
Positano elopement