Tt’s not too often to go to Poland to photograph a wedding. Krakow awaited me in all its glory for the marriage of Gosia and Antonello. There was a splendid sun, something that had me a little confused. From a good Italian on the road, I had brought all the winter clothes with me, thinking of scenarios like Game of Thrones; but Krakow was warmer than Sulmona in April. And I really liked it.

Gosia and Antonello impressed me from the first time we met. A little for their creative vocation (she is a copywriter, he works for Google), partly because of their enthralling joy.

They have lived in Krakow for 7 years. Let me tell you, Krakow is a fantastic city. Think, for example, that a pint of beer costs just over two euros. It is also the city of culture in Poland, with a historic center that winds around the largest square in Europe. And again, the castle, the sales mines, the Nowa Huta district … Exciting.

Returning to the story. You should know that any self-respecting lunch in Poland cannot do less than vodka. Even at a wedding, alongside wine, water and various drinks, she never fails.

And even at the wedding of Gosia and Antonello there could not have been.

A civil ceremony and wedding party were held at Villa Love. It is a wedding location immersed in a unique atmosphere of peace, nature and tranquility. A beautiful terrace overlooks some breathtaking views of Lanckorońskie hill and the surrounding forests.

Obviously there was a lot of music. About ten people composed a funny and easy-going orchestra that made us unleash until evening.

It was a fantastic experience! Take a look at the photos. Witam kraków, do zobaczenia wkrótce!