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Capturing Wedding Moments on 35mm Film

Embracing Love’s Essence: Capturing Wedding Moments on 35mm Film   In Venice’s winding canals, Florence’s timeless architecture, the serene beauty of Lake Como, Rome’s ancient ruins, and the breathtaking vistas of the Amalfi Coast: love finds its perfect backdrop. As a photographer, I find joy in the simplicity and beauty of 35mm film photography. In […]

Destination wedding photographer in Tuscany

Wedding in Tuscany from Germany – Tenuta Casaglia

Ella & Konstantin’s Tuscany Wedding. Wedding in Tuscany from Germany at Tenuta Casaglia. Step into the romantic story of Ella and Konstantin. A delightful German couple who carefully planned their special day in the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany. As their Wedding Photographer in Tuscany, I had the pleasure of capturing every special moment of this […]


Wedding in Tuscany – Villa Curina Resort

Welcome. Welcome to the enchanting love story of Erin and Daniel. A delightful American couple with deep Jewish roots who embarked on a captivating journey of love in the heart of Tuscany. Their wedding day was a splendid blend of cultural heritage and personal traditions, as Daniel wore the Kippah, a symbol of his Jewish […]


Destination Wedding in Venice

Planning a destination wedding in Venice? Look no further for the perfect photographer to capture your special day. Meet Lorin and Charles, a beautiful couple from the USA and Armenia, who have chosen the enchanting city of Venice as their wedding destination. When it comes to destination weddings, finding a talented photographer who knows the […]

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