Family Portrait in Puglia

As much as wedding photography is my real passion and inspiration, there is another type of pictures that I adore to take. To understand why I love shooting family portraits, we need to go back to the explanation of why I became a wedding photographer in the first place.

My tag line is that I shoot what it feels like, not what it is supposed to look like. This transcends into my photos, as I always underline that the tool I use the most is empathy. Empathy lets me see deeper, catch these specific little details and freeze the frame of the declaration of love that I see between two people. Thanks to that I’m able to work with and for amazing people during the most important day of their life – a life that they will officially share from now on.

The whole notion of emotional wedding photoshoot is coming down to a simple explanation – people being close to each other, empathy and maybe the most important of all – love – are the biggest inspirations. That’s why the family portrait could be named the second type of photography that I enjoy shooting. While the wedding is the beginning, the emotions are fresh and everything is first, the family photos enable me to catch something different – a more mature kind of love.

The love is present but in more mature form, accompanied by the feelings of deep dedication and responsibility. Some things are still present for the first time, too, like the feeling of creating a family with another person, like it’s visible in the photoshoot you are seeing, taken at marvellous Tenuta Pinto. To shoot the feelings flourishing and to shoot them as they bloom is an entirely different experience, but both make me feel extraordinarily grateful.

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