workshop fotografia one to one


One to One is a training course dedicated to photographers who want to specialize in wedding photo shoots. It is an innovative formula as it allows a single wedding photographer, who already has basic skills, to follow a 3-day one to one course exclusively dedicated to wedding photography.

You’ll be followed by a destination wedding photojournalist directly in your city, which shows you what it means to create a wedding photo shoot in different styles. You can revolutionize your concept of courses for photographers, you can forget the numerous classes, the classroom walls, the software screens shared with other people. It is a practical course: from the beginning to the end you can experience on the field everything you are learning.

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The “One to One” photography workshop is dedicated to all photography enthusiasts, professionals or not, who have developed a basic experience on the use of time, aperture, focus, exposure and white balance. The course is structured for who want to specialize in wedding shooting, improving technique and the use of the camera for a personal style.

The course will allow you to develop a thorough knowledge on how to make shots with a strong visual impact and strong emotionality.

The photography workshop lasts 3 days.

Day 1: We will analyze some professional work or other photo shoots for weddings on which you will want some tips (the most common errors, the changes to be made, the improvements and any corrections). We will analyze the works of best wedding photographers in the world and the techniques from which take a leaf.

Day 2: It is the most interesting part. It is a day entirely dedicated to the shooting with a real simulation of topical moments of the wedding day (preparation, portraits, ceremony and party). In this session the important characteristics will be evaluated to choose the location and the equipment to be used.

In particular we will analyze:

  • Light and exposure, black and white shots, natural and artificial light;
  • The use of photographic filters and the exposure meter also in a creative way;
  • The techniques to improve the shooting speed also through the customization of the tools;
  • The best photographic composition in any lighting or weather condition;
  • The ways to get a perfect portrait;
  • How to ensure excellent shots on the go.

Day 3: The attention will be focused on perfecting the shots made the previous day. We will deepen the various post-production techniques for portrait and still life.

In the wedding photo post production session we will analyze:

  • How to achieve the perfect white balance with Lightroom;
  • How to correct the colors through the settings in RGB and LAB and Hue-Saturation;
  • The various techniques for retouching photo editing, correct blurring and advanced methods for cleaning the skin;
  • The construction of the story in a wedding photo album;
  • Reportage and storytelling techniques;
  • How to plan the narrative structure;
  • How to make a storyboard;
  • The principles of graphic layout;
  • Page layout software.

The course topics are not binding but only a starting point. The one-to-one workshop structure allows us to model the topics on the needs of the professional. You can be free to ask me what you want, I will be ready to organize a program of study on your needs.