About us

"Studio Calvano" is a small team of photographers operating throughout Italy. We have worked for couples in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and in Como Lake.
Our goal is to capture every moment, to interpret your emotions, to be present but discreet during your wedding in italy.
We have pure passion for weddings, which you will see when you are admiring your photographs, your wedding albums, and your slides. We don't like poses, but we love the naturalness of your expressions of joy and emotion. We want you to be yourself, we want you to see yourself in our photographs.
We hope you choose us to be part of your special day.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
- Andrea Calvano Studio

Wedding in Lago d'Iseo


Un viaggio infinito

Hi everyone!!!
I'm Antonella. I am a professional photographer working in the Wedding sector for many years on my own and with my fellow colleagues at Andrea Calvano Studio.
For me it is not just a job: it is a lot of passion, a lot of joy and a lot of empathy.
My biggest passion? The Travel!
My last trip? Jordan!
The next trip?
Wherever the next wedding takes me!!


Animal instinct

Hello beautiful people !!!
I'm Giuseppe. And I LIVE for weddings.
I feed on the positivity of the couples I photograph. I let myself be carried away by their emotions. I capture every moment of the wedding. That's why I love being a wedding photographer.
But in the same way...I admit, I love my animals. My dogs, my cats: I couldn't live without them.
Do you have pets to cuddle?