Wedding in Tuscany: Jessica & Anthony in Vignamaggio – Chianti

“All you needs is love, All you needs is love“… I repeatedly hummed before I met a young couple from Liverpool for my new job as a wedding photographer in Italy, Jessica and Anthony. I can’t help it, as soon as I hear Liverpool, I’m reminded of one of the four baronets’ songs…the legendary Beatles. […] OPEN POST

Wedding in Abruzzo

Stock up on oxygen, because this story will take you to high altitude emotions. Precisely at an height of 1400 metres, on top of the Gran Sasso in the heart of Abruzzo. “Hi Greta and Michele: i’m your wedding photographer here in Abruzzo : a tale of romance, adventure and beauty”. It is an authentic […] OPEN POST

Same-sex Wedding: Kyle & Jason love story

Two boys and a great love. Kyle and Jason were waiting for me at Villa Baroncino for my wedding photographer service: “Hi Andrea, welcome to our Italy!” – they welcomed me in their wedding suite, with a playful and ironic tone. They too had been bewitched by the great beauty and poetry of Italy. In […] OPEN POST

Wedding in Tuscany: Villa Catignano

Dorotea and David had chosen me as wedding photographer near Siena for the their wedding in Tuscany. I returned to photograph two spouses in Tuscany after a very short time since the last time. The marriage lasted a whole weekend andd included a rehearsal dinner. For those who don’t know it yet, the rehearsal dinner […] OPEN POST

Wedding in Tuscany from Brazil : La Pescaia

Wedding in Tuscany, “La Pescaia” I tell you clearly: weddings in Tuscany are the ones that inspire me the most in my work as a photographer. If I ever had to compare myself to a region in Italy, I would feel Tuscany: not for beauty – it’s obvious – but for that artistic soul that […] OPEN POST

Destination Wedding in Positano

I rarely woke up so quite, turning the spoon in the coffee, despite I was a few minutes late as a  wedding photographer in Amalfi coast. It’s not every day that you can drink your coffee in the morning on a terrace in Positano overlooking the sea, with a blues song background by Pino Daniele. […] OPEN POST

Destination Wedding in Puglia



A few days ago I told you about Nicole and Daniel’s rehearsal dinner, for their wedding in Puglia. If you have not had the chance to read it you can always do it at this link. The rehearsal dinner was prolonged until late in the evening and between a panzerotto and a few glasses of […] OPEN POST


“Fresca era l’aria di giugno, e la notte sentiva l’estate arrivar, Tequila, Mariachi e Sangria, la fiesta invitava a bere e a ballar […]”. Vinicio Capossela’s music had accompanied my umpteenth trip for a wedding in Puglia. That song reminds me of Puglia better than other: the rhythm, the party, the love seem to perfectly evoke some […] OPEN POST
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