Wedding in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Abruzzo

Marco and Beatrice have a lot in common – they are both brilliant journalists from L’Aquila, they are madly in love with each other and with the region of Abruzzo. All of this was visible during their wedding!

Their passion for life was mirrored in the ceremony and the wedding reception. While observing and photographing this event, I couldn’t get rid of the impression that every detail was planned to perfection, but their bubbly characters brought the element of overwhelming joy and spontaneity.

Their most important day took place in a stunning venue of Sextantio, where tradition meets the modern spirit and the rustic vibe meets the elegance. Natural colors, uneven, rustic floors and the surrounding of nature was the perfect setting for a crazy celebration with family and friends until the late night.

Thank you, Marco and Beatrice!