Wedding in Masseria

Masseria is a typical Apulian farm house, and Tenuta Pinto is the perfect depiction of it. There, where the olive trees meet the sea view, nature has the power to speak to your senses and emotions. The contrast between the traditional whitewashed stone and the blue sky brings the atmosphere of peace and bliss.

For me, it was no surprise that Ramona and Luca chose to get married in the magical garden of Tenuta Pinto. And even though you can definitely say that every wedding is unique, the fact that this Apulian couple chose me as their wedding photographer meant a lot to me, because Ramona is a wedding photographer herself! It was flattering to be chosen by the professional from the same field.

However, it was even more challenging! After all, every photographer has their own style of taking pictures and catching the emotional moments. That’s why shooting a wedding photoshoot of a professional photographer was a completely new experience and an honour. Ramona felt incredibly comfortable on the other side of the lens, and so did her husband – for me, this was the biggest reward!