Wedding in Bari, Apulia

Francesco and Maria are both from the beautiful capital of Apulia, the city of Bari. It is no surprise that they decided to get married there – the tradition, the cuisine and sea breeze make this city magical – both for locals and for anyone missing the hot Southern mediterranean vibe. But the truth is that Bari has a thousands facets to discover!

After a traditional wedding ceremony, we went to celebrate their union to an extraordinary place – La Siragusa. A place that you cannot imagine being more Barese in a sense that it mixes the tradition and culture with a modern approach.  The warmth, the joy and the vicinity of nature made this wedding celebration as unique as it was possible. Or maybe was it the presence of the beloved dogs of the couple that connected them in the first place?

Either way, this wedding in Bari was spectacular. Thank you, Francesco and Maria!