Destination Wedding in Orvieto, La Badia

Adam and Amanda come from the sunny city of Miami, but even they got susceptible to the charm of Italy. A part of this charm is the magical city of Orvieto in the green region of Italy, Umbria. Perched on a rock cliff, with its mosaic duomo and marble Pieta sculpture, Orvieto remains one of the most stunning places on the map of Italy.

The bride and groom not only chose one of the most beautiful Italian regions for their wedding, but also the venue. The site of La Badia di Orvieto is nicknamed The Island of Stone in the Sea of Green. This description manages to perfectly sum up the vibe of this historical residence, where the magic seems to be present in every corner, in every detail. Green Umbrian countryside was the perfect setting for this couple’s destination wedding photoshoot.

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