Engagement Photoshoot in Gran Sasso, Abruzzo

Lara and Luca’s engagement photoshoot was planned up to the littlest details. When I met them for the first time, I felt that this particular engagement session will fully mirror the couple’s character – laid back, free and a little bit bohemian. I’m very grateful that they trusted me and invited me into their world!

The dress, the flowers and decorations by amazing Marta from Creamano were simply spot on! Lara and Luca also picked a place that can leave anyone speechless. Abruzzo is a beautiful region, but its Campo Imperatore is simply a unique spot on the map of Italy. In fact, the locals call it ‘little Tibet’!

The closeness of an uncontaminated nature and the atmosphere of freedom made every moment perfect. With the silent presence of the mountains and lakes behind, this place instantly becomes something more than just a surrounding. It becomes a witness of a unique love story.

Thank you, Lara and Luca!