Destination Wedding in L’Aquila

An amazing destination wedding in L’Aquila. Paola is from L’Aquila, but together with John they live in his mother country, the UK. They are both full of life and enthusiasm, which is clearly visible in their wedding pictures. Following their love for Italy and a beautiful tradition of getting married in the country of the bride, they chose to tie the knot near her home, in l’Aquila.

Unfortunately, their plan was faced with tragic series of the Abruzzian earthquakes that destroyed Paola’s dream location. That’s why you can see a picture taken in front of a colorful wooden wall, which replaces the ruin, as well as honors the victims of this tragic event.

The wedding ceremony took place in the Basilica of San Giuseppe Artigiano near L’Aquila. The bride arrived there in a real Italian fashion, in a small Fiat 500. But the Italian accent was accompanied by an English one! John chose a Mini Morris to arrive to the wedding – together they made quite an impressive entrance. Just as the couple is in the real life!

The wedding reception was held in the extraordinary location of Monastery Fortezza di Santo Spirito. High walls of the historical building, full sun and frescoes on the walls made the wedding surroundings unforgettable. Even though the wedding was very Italian, one couldn’t miss the original Scottish and English details around.