Wedding photo-reportage: my interview for Extra-Ordinary-People.it 28 November 2019 / Blog-En   Through my wedding photo-reportage I tell stories. I feel like a digital storyteller, with an analogical and “slow” soul. Abruzzo, the country where I live, is the kingdom of the slow. An ancient refuge from the fast-paced world of digital photography that runs fast and burns everything. Here my art is born. Today I […] LEGGI TUTTO 7 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Photographer 16 October 2019 / Blog-En 7 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Photographer   One of the most difficult choices to make in a weeding is that of the wedding photographer: what do you have to be careful about in order not to make gross mistakes and regret only games made? In this short article, I will try to give you […] LEGGI TUTTO Rehearsal Dinner: wedding in Puglia 13 July 2019 / Blog-En I admit, even the first time I heard this word from two future spouses, rehearsal dinner, I ran to Google to understand what it was. And I can say that even with Google it was not easy. Remembering the sequence of e, a and h of rehearsal, even today, is for me one of the […] LEGGI TUTTO Family Portrait in Puglia 7 February 2019 / Blog-En As much as wedding photography is my real passion and inspiration, there is another type of pictures that I adore to take. To understand why I love shooting family portraits, we need to go back to the explanation of why I became a wedding photographer in the first place. My tag line is that I […] LEGGI TUTTO
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