Rehearsal Dinner: wedding in Puglia 13 July 2019 / Blog-En I admit, even the first time I heard this word from two future spouses, rehearsal dinner, I ran to Google to understand what it was. And I can say that even with Google it was not easy. Remembering the sequence of e, a and h of rehearsal, even today, is for me one of the […] LEGGI TUTTO Family Portrait in Puglia 7 February 2019 / Blog-En As much as wedding photography is my real passion and inspiration, there is another type of pictures that I adore to take. To understand why I love shooting family portraits, we need to go back to the explanation of why I became a wedding photographer in the first place. My tag line is that I […] LEGGI TUTTO Neoclassical Bridal Styled Shoot 20 November 2018 / Blog-En Even though the rustic style weddings close to nature completely won our hearts and became a real trend, the neoclassical style remains what it really is – a classic that will never go out of fashion. What is a neoclassical-styled wedding, how is it different from nowadays rustic style weddings and why soon we might […] LEGGI TUTTO Wedding Film Photography 26 October 2018 / Blog-En In the era of advanced digital photography one could ask: why still bother with analogue film during wedding photoshoots? My answer to that question would always be the same: because the effects of digital camera are nothing like the classic analogue photography. To me, analogue photography is almost a synonym of fine art in general. It’s […] LEGGI TUTTO
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