Family Portrait in Puglia 7 February 2019 / Blog-En As much as wedding photography is my real passion and inspiration, there is another type of pictures that I adore to take. To understand why I love shooting family portraits, we need to go back to the explanation of why I became a wedding photographer in the first place. My tag line is that I […] LEGGI TUTTO Neoclassical Bridal Styled Shoot 20 November 2018 / Blog-En Even though the rustic style weddings close to nature completely won our hearts and became a real trend, the neoclassical style remains what it really is – a classic that will never go out of fashion. What is a neoclassical-styled wedding, how is it different from nowadays rustic style weddings and why soon we might […] LEGGI TUTTO Wedding Film Photography 26 October 2018 / Blog-En In the era of advanced digital photography one could ask: why still bother with analogue film during wedding photoshoots? My answer to that question would always be the same: because the effects of digital camera are nothing like the classic analogue photography. To me, analogue photography is almost a synonym of fine art in general. It’s […] LEGGI TUTTO Film photography is not dead 26 October 2018 / Blog-En Film photography is not dead – quite the opposite! Is it the time in which you should dust off your analogue camera equipment and start shooting with it all over again? We live in the era of everything digital – from music to photography. Currently, you don’t have to imagine going around with an analogue camera […] LEGGI TUTTO