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Destination Wedding Photographer

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

Destination Wedding Photographer

I’m really glad you got here on my site. It means that you are looking for a person who is with you, all the day of your wedding; who knows how to be discreet but always present; who is able to understand and know you and therefore knows how to photograph your emotions. You are looking for your wedding photographer. So what are you waiting for…




Andrea is absolutely a character !! He is not a photographer, but a very attentive guest at our wedding !! Even my grandmother loved him! We expect to see the beautiful photos of our wedding now!

Alessandra S.

Andrea is super professional but at the same time he can put you completely at ease! His presence and that of his collaborators are hardly perceived! Stunning photos, not commentable. Unique style! He knows how to pick up important details.


Andrea is an excellent professional, as well as a great person. From the first moment we entered into harmony, it made me feel completely at ease; all the tension of the moment gave way to the great emotion I had inside and that I relived step by step at the delivery of the album and the video. An unforgettable day, made unique also by its competence. In short, thank you Andrea!


I followed Andrea's work even before the wedding started, and when we arrived at the photographer's choice the choice was easy! We knew his style was perfect for us, natural, with a light that only he can capture!
He did a really great job, we received the photographs three months after the wedding in a beautiful wooden box!

Valentina A.

I would recommend Andrea 1000 times. He is not intrusive (also noticed by the guests), very professional and kind and he puts you at ease with the ways of doing and the tone of his voice. He makes you feel that you are part of the environment around you. He can increase your imagination. Even during the party he took many pictures. He and his staff have worked a lot.