Wedding Photographer

My goal for your wedding


I will make your emotions mine and I will impress them on your photos forever, in one word: Empathy.

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The goal in a photo

My goal is not only to make beautiful photos, but to create images that represent you with your emotions, taking care of every detail and showing your feelings of that moment.

Being a photographer is for me the most beautiful job in the world, I like it, I am part of it, it intrigues me and excites me every day.

Photographing a wedding means to impress one of the most important moments of a couple in a still image that will always be dear in your hearts.

My Workplace

My work takes place throughout Italy!

My studio is located in Sulmona, province of L’Aquila, heart of Abruzzo, the region defined as “strong and kind”.

The couples look for me from all over Italy, including Puglia in particular Ostuni, Polignano a Mare and other cities where I feel at home as Bari and Lecce, having made many wedding photo shoots.

I have also done many shoots in other regions such as Marche and Campania, in the famous towns of Amalfi, Ravello and Positano and in other beautiful historic cities of Tuscany like Florence and Siena, to go up north to Venice, Milan and Verona.

The photographer and the professionist
Andrea Calvano
My curiosity in a picture, with the aim of entering on tiptoe into people’s lives to live their emotions and capture it forever in a shot that will remain indelible over time.
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