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My goal for your wedding is to make your emotions mine and capture them in the photos taken on your special day. The feelings you share with one another will stay with you forever.

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The perfect photo

My goal is not only to take beautiful photos, but to create images filled with your emotions.

To me, being a photographer is the most beautiful and exciting job in the world because it allows me to depict one of the most important moments in your life and make it last forever – both in your hearts and on a photographic paper.

I take care of every detail during the photoshoot, in order to create the atmosphere of empathy, where I can feel your emotions towards one another and freeze them in a frame of a photograph. That part of photographing a wedding is the most intriguing and rewarding part of my job.

My Workplace

My work takes place throughout Italy!

My studio is located in Sulmona, province of L’Aquila, in the heart of Abruzzo region that lies in the exact middle of Italy. We take great pride in the motto of our region which describes us as ‘strong and kind’.

I do engagement and wedding photoshoots all over Italy. Couples often choose Puglia for its particularly beautiful whitewashed Old Town of Ostuni, picturesque Polignano a Mare or Bari and Lecce, where I feel almost at home.

I’ve also done many extraordinary photoshoots in the Southern regions of Marche and Campania, in the famous towns of Amalfi, Ravello and Positano. Beautiful historic sites of Tuscany like Florence and Sienna also offer incredible photoshoot surroundings and if you prefer the romantic vibe of the northern Italy, we can catch the perfect moment in Venice, Milan or Verona.


Wedding photographer by heart and trade
Andrea Calvano
When I photograph, I become a silent observer who captures the most authentic feelings, love and joy, emotion and happiness. The goal of a wedding photographer is just that: to capture the emotions in a shot that will remain resistant to the passage of time.