Wedding photographer inspired by Caravaggio

andrea calvano wedding photographer

When I photograph, I become a silent observer who captures the most authentic feelings, love and joy, emotion and happiness. The goal of a wedding photographer is just that: to capture the emotions in a shot that will remain resistant to the passage of time.

Being a destination wedding photographer: they often ask me what it means to me. Well, I would like to answer this question with a short story.

Do you know the feeling of being trapped in a cage? I felt exactly like this in 2007, when my main duties consisted of managing Excel files in an office. Everything changed after I attended a Canon workshop in Rome. One of the photos of my Trastevere photoshoot was rewarded and so it seems that everything started from that moment: as a result I played with black and white films while on vacation, then I focused on refining my pictures and adding more of an artistic vision to them. Since then, my passion for photography filled every day of my life and I learned to look at it with a different perspective. Finally my curiosity became a fundamental part of my life.

It’s out of my curiosity that I started travelling, discovering the world, gaining new experiences and meeting new people while I work. The curiosity is the fundamental part of photography. Only by being curious I’m able to quietly tiptoe into people’s lives and capture their emotions in a frame that will live on forever. I also believe that a non-printed photo has no reason to be shot, that’s why I dedicate a great deal of my time to refine and print the right frames for your wedding photo album. To me, photography is a real passion – it’s love, it’s joy, it’s introspection and most of all, it’s empathy.