A complete guide to elope in Italy

If you prefer a very intimate ceremony and a reception with a few guests to weddings with dozens of guests, the best choice is the elopement wedding.

“An escape without looking back”.
This is how the concept of a romantic getaway was born, followed by an intimate ceremony in an exclusive place, such as a garden with a view of the lake, a vineyard, a deserted beach.

Elopement photographer tuscany

If your dream is to get married on an estate surrounded by vineyards, choose Tuscany. In this area, near Florence, Siena and the Chianti area, you can choose from many villas, farms and historic cellars, but also churches, abbeys and convents where to celebrate the religious, civil or symbolic rite.

Elopement in Tuscany

Elopement in Tuscany

Elopement in Tuscany

Elopement in Tuscany

Elopement in Tuscany

Elopement in Tuscany

an elopement is an intimate, unique and authentic wedding, centered on the experience and emotions of the day. An elopement is a stress-free celebration, which fully reflects the values ​​and personality of the spouses, who have absolute freedom to create a unique wedding with no rules to follow!

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If you like the idea of ​​an intimate and stress-free ceremony, centered 100% on your love and personality, an intimate wedding is undoubtedly the one for you! This way you can avoid boring crowded traditions and ceremonies, and focus on experience rather than appearance. An intimate wedding means being able to build your day, according to your rules. Amalfi, Positano are the best place to love your partner. Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you need more information if you are searching for you elopement photographer in Amalfi Coast

Positano elopement Positano elopement Positano elopement Positano elopement


  • Can we only elope in 2?
    An elopement can be celebrated between the bride and groom only, or surrounded by the closest family / friends! Anything between 0-10 guests can still be considered an elopement.


  • Do I need a wedding planner to elope?
    I would highly recommend to hire one, especially for destination elopements. Finding the perfect ceremony location, local vendors and arrange the legal procedures will be extremely easier this way!


  • Is eloping less expensive?
    Not necessarily. The cost depends on how elaborated your experience will be, and if you’ll travel for it. You should choose to elope for the meaning, not for economical convenience.


  • What do I need to elope?
    My recommendations are: an elopement photographer and videographer, a local wedding planner, documents and papers, a good dose of creativity … and lots of love!Elope in Florence