7 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

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7 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


One of the most difficult choices to make in a weeding is that of the wedding photographer: what do you have to be careful about in order not to make gross mistakes and regret only games made?

In this short article, I will try to give you 7 tips to keep in mind when choosing. They are simple ideas that I have made myself over time, after having made an account of all the questions of the newlyweds that I got to meet. If they can help you, I will be happy.

A wedding happens once in a lifetime-or at least is what you hope-and anyone and anyone would like a party that can go down in the history and be remembered whit pleasure by friends and family.

For a good memory you need a “remembrance professional”: choosing a wedding photographer (and at the occasion, a video maker) is of essential issue.

What you should be careful?


1. Professionality and notoriety


It is the first rule: professionality and notoriety. The photographer is in effect an important part of the wedding: careful because we can ruin a whole day.

Think of how many unfortunate newlywed have found themselves were forced to spend hours and hours away from friends and family, forced by unscrupulous wedding photographers to unlikely poses, in unlikely places.

Or how many had to leave the party for photo sessions in the garden outside.

Luckily they are bad custums that are disappearing. At least that’s what you hope.

2. Empathy


Choose who understands what you want in the first twenty seconds of dialogue.

You don’t need too many words to understand if the person in front of you is on the same wavelength as you or if he speaks a different language.

If you’re not completely convinced, change your opinion, the world is full of wedding photographer.

fotografo di matrimonio

3. Exposition Clarity


Clear ideas. There are plenty of photographic studios that seem to promise you seas and mountains.

Trust the one who speaks clearly, he tells you what he will do, how quickly he will do it and at what price.

The surprises after wedding never fail.

4. Price


Be careful with low prices. Nobody work miracles: when the price for a wedding photo-reportage is too low it hides something. It may be inexperience, maybe a young photographer who has just started. Or it could be the “alarm bell” of a service that is not really of value. You must pay the “beuty”, also in this field too. For your wedding, find the right compromise between the budget you have and the proposal you receive. Only a tip (which in this case may seem biased): do not save on the wedding photo-report, the photos will be the only palpable memory that you will have of your day even after many years.


5. Clear ideas


Defining a common red thread of wedding is fundamental and will help you to solve all the problems that you will have to face throughout the preparation process. Make it clear right away what style you want: it will be decisive to choose without wasting time and without mistakes. Do you think that for your wedding is better a “classic” photographer who does photo shoots posing? Or do you think it’s better to have a professional who has a precise style? Or do you like someone who does wedding photo-reportage? Good. Understand what you want and decide without thinking too much.

6. Trust those who ask you what music you like


Not because you have to have the same taste. But because it’s a way to get in touch, to understand your preferences. Anyone who only talks about work is only interested in defining an agreement to close a business. Anyone who talks about music or other passions is interested in you, in what you like. They want to understand your style, your ideas.

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7. Choose who offers you a drink


People who buy you drinks don’t have time to waste. It’s just that they enjoy your company, listening to you and talking to you. If he offers you a drink, it means that you are in tune. And it is the best thing that can happen to you for your choice.

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